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All GRC middle campuses share a common uniform. The way students present themselves conveys a strong message about the students themselves and about our school. Students must accept and share responsibility for our school's image in the community.  

School Uniform Policy

Peakhurst Campus is a uniform school and all students are expected to wear the correct uniform to school each day.  

The Georges River College Peakhurst community supports the wearing of a school uniform. Click here to view our school uniform policy.

A GRC cap is available for students to wear whilst at school.  It is the only acceptable cap to be worn at school and may only be worn in the playground.

Sport uniform is to be worn on Wednesdays by all students.


Approproiate footwear is just as important as school uniform as it provides growing adolescent feet with support as well as protects them from things that may happen during the school day, such as spills in the science labs or accidents in the technology rooms. 

Appropriate sports footwear is also important as this helps students get the most out of their physical activities, while still providing their feet with the comfort and support they need throughout this time of development. Please refer below to the appropriate footwear for GRC Peakhurst Campus.

School Shoes

Sports Shoes

Uniform suppliers 

These stores stock a wide range of uniforms but it is advisable to telephone the store first to check they have the correct GRC uniform in stock:


  • 328 Forest Rd, Hurstville
    Phone: 9157 2502
  • Centro Roselands
    Phone: 9750 3771

Second hand uniform shop

We have a second hand uniform shop at school which is coordinated by the P&C. It is located in the foyer outside the administration office (Block D), and is open on Wednesday mornings from 8:00 - 9:00am during school terms.

The uniform shop sells donated items of clothing at very reasonable prices. We welcome donations, please feel free to drop off any uniforms you no longer need (good used condition appreciated) to the administration office during school hours.