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Literacy initiatives

Home reading scheme

All Year 7 students participate in the Home Reading Program. The program is designed to improve general literacy and reading comprehension skills. Students are required to read for approximately 15 – 20 minutes a night, five nights a week. Students select their reading material from a designated Home Reading Room set up in the School Library. During reading, students fill in a home reading diary which is used as a record and checked by both teachers and parents and are encouraged to discuss content read considering the discussion questions provided below.

Discussion questions (PDF 108KB)

Peer tutor program

During roll call time a class has been formed to help address the specific literacy needs of students who were targeted from results gained from diagnostic tests. A number of Year 10 students are trained to become tutors and work on an individual basis with each Year 7 student. Each Year 7 student is taken through a structured program that specifically addresses reading comprehension skills.