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Year 7 Geography

Geography is studied as part of the HSIE course in the second semester of Year 7. Students begin their study of geography by investigating the tools that geographers use. This includes a study of different types of maps, map reading, line drawings, field sketching and photo interpretation. Students then investigate global environments and undertake a detailed study of an environment. The term is completed by an investigation of a World Heritage site.

Year 8 Geography

In Year 8, geography is studied in second semester. Students study "Global Change", which includes a study of globalisation and global inequalities. This study provides students with an insight into the differences that exist between and within countries. To aid understanding, students investigate global organisations that help reduce inequality. In fourth term, students learn about geographical issues that impact on the lives of people throughout the world. The geographical issues studied include threatened habitats and urbanisation Year 8 students will build on the geographic skills learnt in Year 7 and are required to produce a multimedia presentation on a global product as part of their assessment.

Year 9 Geography

The Year 9 course focuses on "Australia's Physical Environments" and "Changing Australian Communities". Our study of Australia's physical environments looks at the Australian landform, drainage basins, climate, weather, unique flora and fauna and natural hazards that impact on the lives of those living in Australia. Students learn a variety of geographic skills that support their understanding in this area. Within the study of "Changing Australian Communities" students learn about what makes up a community, the many different types of communities that exist in Australia and how communities are, and have undergone, change. To demonstrate their understanding of communities, students are required to prepare an oral presentation about a community that they belong to. Students are encouraged to take part in the Australian National Geographic Competition to test their geographical skills against students on a national and global level.

Year 10 Geography

Year 10 geography course is divided into two sections: "Issues in Australian Environments" and "Australia's Global and Regional Links". Students undertake fieldwork in Cronulla as part of their study of Coastal Management. The second part of the course deals with Australia's place in the world and how we are linked to the global environment. This includes a study of aid, future challenges, human rights and reconciliation. Students are examined on the skills learnt from Year 7-Year 10 and factual information from the Year 10 course.