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Student expectations & behaviour

The expectations for all students at Peakhurst Campus are:

  • be proud of your school.
  • wear the correct school uniform with pride, both at school and on your way to and from school. 
  • arrive to school on time. 
  • remain at school during normal school hours. 
  • attend all of your classes and be on time to lessons. 
  • do your best to be successful at your school work. 
  • cooperate willingly with everyone at all times. 
  • be polite and respectful when you speak to others. 
  • always be responsible and productive in contributing to your school. 
  • model your best behaviour in public, when travelling to and from school, on excursions and at sport. 
  • listen to, and/or carefully read, all messages. 
  • bring all necessary material to class and complete set work on time. 
  • always be willing to work with people and assist in/with the learning of others. 
  • accept advice and counselling without argument. 
  • act in a courteous, respectful and responsible manner at all times and use your common sense when making decisions and choices.
  • participate in harmony with others.

Every student has the right to be safe, happy ad comfortable in our school.