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Special Religious Education

Special Religious Education (SRE)

A feature of the public education system in NSW is the opportunity to provide time in class for education in faith, ethics and morality from a religious or non-religious perspective at the choice of parents/carers.

At GRC Peakhurst Campus, the following in-class SRE option is available:

1. Combined Christian SRE, provided by SRE teachers representing different Christian denominations and churches in the Peakhurst area. The approved providers in this combined arrangement are: Baptist Union of Australia, Anglican Diocese of Sydney, Uniting Church of Australia and Australian Christian Churches. The approved providers listed above have agreed that an authorised Christian SRE curriculum provided by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney is delivered by authorised and qualified SRE Teachers -  Ms Rachel Webb, Mr Graham Crew, Mr Glen Ross, Mr Greg Brooks and Mr Scott Gorman. They teach from a well resourced, engaging and thorough curriculum ‘Think Faith’ which can be accessed through the following website:

At GRC Peakhurst Campus, the Combined Christian SRE is delivered to students in a timetabled classroom lesson 1 hour per fortnight in Years 7 and 8. Year 9 and 10 students have the option to participate in a session once per term.

A parent/carer may choose whether their student participates in SRE. Students who do not participate in timetabled SRE lessons will be provided with supervised alternate meaningful activities by a member of staff. This could include the option to read privately, study or complete homework. Students are not permitted to participate in lessons in the school curriculum or other extra curricular activities during this time.

A parent/carer may, at any time, notify the school in writing that they wish to change their decision. Students will continue the same arrangement as the previous year, unless the parent/carer has requested a change in writing.

An additional SRE option is available to students at lunchtime on Mondays. Church of the Living God is an approved provider of Protestant Christian SRE, in accordance with their curriculum:

The curriculum is delivered by authorised and qualified SRE teachers Ms Natasha Yeomans and Ms Lupe Tapueluelu.

SRE teachers at GRC Peakhurst Campus are appropriately authorized by their respective SRE provider according to the Department of Education Guidelines, have SRE accreditation training and have met all the relevant requirements under the Child Protection Act and Child Protection Regulations.

If you have any questions or queries relating to Special Religious Education, please contact the school on 91539966.