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Get to know our school staff. We're all here to help.

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

GRC Peakhurst Campus Staff 2020

College Principal:

  • Mrs L. Larcombe 


  • Ms D. Wilson

Deputy Principals:

  • Miss J. Picone (Acting) (Year 7)
  • Mr S. Wilson (Year 8)
  • Mrs S. Favuzzi (Years 9 and 10)


  • Mr N. Zouroudis (Head Teacher English)
  • Ms L. Osmond (Student Representative Council Coordinator)
  • Mrs A. Talevski 
  • Mrs L. Campbell
  • Miss L. Sanunu
  • Ms K. Eleos
  • Mrs K. Nguyen (English as an Additional Language or Dialect)
  • Miss S. Rossenrode

Mathematics and Computing:

  • Mrs C. Keir (Head Teacher Mathematics & Computing / Numeracy Program Supervisor) 
  • Mr D. Smithard (Relieving Teacher Mathematics & Computing) 
  • Mr J. Salame
  • Mr M. Bokat
  • Ms M. Ibrahim
  • Mr N. Fomin


  • Mrs M. ALexander
  • Ms T. Baldassarre
  • Mr A. Fu
  • Mr S. Kosteski (Year 7 Advisor)
  • Mr F. Chakari
  • Mr A. Bousaleh
  • Ms B. Taiamoni

Human Society and Its Environment:

  • Ms H. Diamond (Head Teacher HSIE)
  • Ms S. Schenk (Primary Transitions Coordinator)
  • Mrs D. Vlachos
  • Mr A. Sarandos
  • Ms D. Cvijetic
  • Ms S. Beck
  • Miss M. Hamilton
  • Mr M. Vrhovac
  • Mr A. Church

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education / Languages:

  • Mr A. Morley (Relieving Head Teacher PDHPE)
  • Mr R. Orr
  • Miss S. Yates (Sports Coordinator)
  • Mr M. Dungey
  • Miss A. Johnson (Dance Coordinator)
  • Miss T. Brown
  • Miss N. Ivanovska
  • Miss M. Lam
  • Miss J. Su

Technology and Applied Studies:

  • Mrs R Gualtieri (Head Teacher TAS)
  • Mrs M. Seidel (Girls Supervisor, Relieving Head Tacher Wellbeing)
  • Mrs F. Tzoumas (Year 10 Student Advisor)
  • Ms G. Testa (Head Teacher Administration)
  • Mrs K. Willis 
  • Mr G. Toms 
  • Miss S. Milis

Creative Arts and Performing Arts:

  • Mrs T. Rydstrand (Head Teacher CAPA)
  • Miss M. Haidar (Year 9 Advisor)
  • Mr S. Page
  • Mr A. Kambouris
  • Ms M. Seinor (ARCO, Aboriginal Education, Year 8 Advisor)
  • Miss M. Walton
  • Miss C. McPherson

Special Education:

  • Mrs P. Holm (Head Teacher Support)
  • Ms J. Picone (Head Teacher Welfare)
  • Ms S. Radman
  • Mr P. Tracy
  • Ms J. Jarman (LAST)
  • Ms M. Van De Pol (LAST)

Learning Support Officers:

  • Ms J. Leeke (School Learning Support Officer)
  • Mrs S. Spiteri (School Learning Support Officer)
  • Mrs W. Weidemier (School Learning Support Officer)
  • Mrs C. Riley (School Learning Support Officer)
  • Miss C Karavakula (School Learning Support Officer)
  • Miss J. Catt (School Learning Support Officer)


  • Mrs K. Deegan

Careers Adviser:

  • Mrs T. Arfanis

Religious Education:

  • Mr J. Delezzio 
  • Mr S. Bell

Computer Coordinator:

  • Miss M. Altaie


  • Mrs C. Tsekas

School Administration and Supoort Staff:

  • Mrs C. O'Shea (School Administration Manager)
  • Mrs P. Ahmet
  • Ms. C White 
  • Ms T. Comino
  • Ms V. Tanoski
  • Mrs A. James
  • Mrs L. Salter
  • Mrs S. Bazley

General Assistant:

  • Mr R. Thurlow
  • Mr B. Antoniou